Michael Jones.   Associate Professor in Computer Science.

Kevin Seppi.  Professor in Computer Science.

Zann Anderson.  Graduate Student in Computer Science.  Exploring interactive computing in outdoor recreation.

Candice Lusk.  Graduate Student in Computer Science.  Investigating asymmetric computer-mediated collaboration.

Casey Walker.  Undergraduate at BYU.  Designing and building physical devices.

Kristian Sims.  Graduate student in Computer Science (BS in Physics).  Designing embedded systems.

Broderick Gardner.  Undergraduate in Electrical Engineering.  Designing embedded systems.

Lawrence Thatcher.  Undergraduate in Computer Science.  Investigating machine learning algorithms.

Andy Bryce.  Undergraduate in Industrial Design.  3D modeling and ideation.

Naomi Johnson.  Undergraduate in Computer Science.  Evaluating methods for labeling data to support machine learning.

Austin Gardner.  Undergraduate in Computer Science.  Evaluating methods for labeling data to support machine learning.


James Petmecki.  Undergraduate in Computer Science.  Writing software for android apps in deaf education and IDEs for physical devices.  Now at Lawrence-Livermore National Lab.

David Brandt.  Graduate Student in Computer Science.  Investigating widgets for physical computing devices.

Hunter Hoffstrand.  Undergraduate in Industrial Design.   Designing and building physical devices.  Industrial Designer at BGZ Brands.

Stephen Jensen.  Undergraduate in Computer Science.  Writing software for a new android app in deaf education.   UX Implementation at Instructure.

Joshua Runyan.  Undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering at BYU.  Designed objects in SolidWorks.

Nathan Bench.  Post-doctoral Fellow from Purdue.  Worked in deaf education and physical computing.  Now working in the College of Family Home and Social Sciences at BYU.

Kei Ikeda.  Undergraduate in Computer Science with an Emphasis in Animation.   Worked on ASL and signglasses.  Now on an animation internship.

Austin Balaich.  Undergraduate in Computer Animation.  Worked on ASL and deaf education.  Now graduated and teaching animation overseas.